Michael Thom

Michael is a native of California living in Fishers, Indiana, near where he grew up in Indianapolis. Married to his high school sweetheart Natalie, Michael is the Director of Information Services at DK Pierce & Associates in Zionsville, IN.

Michael loves music. A 2008 graduate of Ball State University with a Bachelor of Art degree in Music Education (see his teaching portfolio), Michael primarily plays trombone, but also drums, bass, guitar, and some of most other wind and percussion instruments. Currently, he plays regularly with the Muncie Symphony Orchestra, the Director’s Jazz Orchestra, and the Nickel Plate Jazz Orchestra.

Michael is also very involved at East 91st Street Christian Church, where he volunteers on Sunday mornings. In college Michael volunteered at and attended the Christian Campus House, where he then was on full-time staff for a year after graduation, primarily responsible for music, men, and media. His desire to serve the Lord in all he does continues, though his vocational work is no longer in the ministry.

Natalie and Michael were blessed to adopt a six-year-old Lhasa Apso in July 2010: Yogi. Neither Natalie nor Michael grew up with legged pets, and so it has been a learning experience, but a very fun and rewarding one. (And no, he’s not trimmed like the ridiculous show Lhasas. He has a “puppy” or “teddy” trim.)

Contact Michael:

Personal: michael [at] thethoms [dot] com
Work: mthom [at] dkpierce [dot] net

Phone: (three one seven) eight five five – THOM (eight four six six)

Personal Site: http://www.michaeljthom.com
Personal Blog: http://blog.michaeljthom.com
Thom Video Productions: http://www.thomvideo.com