2018 is Coming to a Close

With two kids under 4 (one of whom is not a fan of sleeping by herself), the days are merry and bright but the nights are anything but silent. Anyone else with us??

Having said that, 2018 has been overall a very rewarding year. Here are some highlights from the year:

  • Nora began to walk, then run… and she hasn’t stopped moving since. She continues to master new skills faster than we can track. She’s taller, weighs more, and moves faster than any of us anticipated. She enjoys “helping around the house,” “reorganizing,” eating, and stealing her sister’s baby dolls.
  • Clara continues to be persistent and curious. On average she asks about 94 questions before we make it downstairs for breakfast each morning. She enjoys coloring, dancing, playing with her friends, and collaborating with her sister to overthrow the authorities.
  • Natalie continues working with Noonday Collection and attempts to quell the chaos of the household. Her current hobbies include redirecting Nora’s “organization,” answering Clara’s questions, laundry, and cooking. She recently put in a request for a visit from Mary Poppins but is still waiting to hear back.
  • Michael and Yogi are working hard to maintain balance in the female-dominated household. Michael celebrated 5 years (and counting!) at DK Pierce this June. He is doing his best to pass on a love of racing and music to Clara and Nora. Aside from his day job, he enjoys go-karting when he can find the chance, and he’s fortunate to be able to continue playing trombone with the Directors’ Jazz Orchestra.
Diagram of a Preschooler

We know this is a busy, tiring season, and indeed only a season, so we are looking forward to 2019 in anticipation of watching these crazy kids continue to grow and change.

Thom Family 2018

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

A housekeeping note: We’re making some changes in the Thom IT Department, so please note that the email addresses we’ve been using the past few years are being deprecated. If you maintain a contact list, please update accordingly:
Michael: michael [at] thethoms [dot com] is now michaeljthom [at] gmail [dot com]
Natalie: natalie [at] thethoms [dot com] is now nataliemthom [at] gmail [dot com]

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