Checking Off Yet Another Zip Code

True to our usual form, it’s been quite a while since our last update. It’s been over two years. I assure you this isn’t only going to be a log of our various moves, but much as the last post was about our move into a new home, this one, too, will center around that.

Le sigh.

As you saw in the last post, in June 2011 we moved into a new home, a house we were renting. It was a terrific little house, with a nice deck, a pond view, and great neighbors. Yogi had a lot more space to run around inside, we had a garage, and I had room to eventually set up “Mega Desk” in my office and create my 150° of work space. It was glorious.

In January of this year, we learned that the landlords wanted to go a different direction with the house, so we began searching for a new place. Though buying a house in the near future was definitely on our radar, it still just wasn’t financially wise, so we focused once again on apartments. In fact, we specifically wanted a <s>cheap</s> affordable place, with the thought that if we had to move out of the house and do *something* different, we might as well also save some more money while we were at it.

In April, then, we made the move to our current apartment. Yes folks, we are now residents of Carmel, IN. Or Westfield. It’s a Carmel mailing address, but nearly all municipal things (police, fire, schools if we had kids…) are through Westfield. So yeah we’re in Carmelfield.

But we like it. Though the apartment is in fact quite small (under 1000 sq ft! — I know, not tiny compared to some places, but for us, and our amount of stuff, that’s tiny), we’re happy with the location on the whole. We can walk to Handel’s Ice Cream, Chipotle, Starbucks, Panera, Chick-fil-A, Handel’s Ice Cream, McAllister’s, Steak’n’Shake, Handel’s Ice Cream… and the list goes on. In fact, did I mention we can walk to Handel’s Ice Cream? That’s a mixed blessing, to be sure.

Professionally, Natalie started in May working at the Starbucks near us, returning to her “roots” of working at Starbucks through most of college. She’s also working at an area elementary school, and she still nannies for a couple families as needed. She also basically runs the house.

Meanwhile, I took a new job in June — see this post for more details — at DK Pierce & Associates in Zionsville. While I was not looking to make a move at the time, it’s truly a blessing.

Also in June, right before my new job began, we took a vacation to Hilton Head. We house-sat and dog-sat for my sister- and brother-in-law. We took Yogi along too, of course. It was so nice to have more than a week away from work, in my case, with literally no employer to report back to at all!

Okay, that’s enough for now. These posts wouldn’t have to be so long if I’d just write them a bit more often. At this point we’re back into the “fall” routine, and I, for one, am looking forward to Christmas!

Still quiet

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